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Tolerate is a web application created by the artist Jon Brunberg on commission from the Living History Forum in Stockholm for the exhibition P.C.-an exhibition on intolerance. If you wish to contact me, the artist, use the form below.



A warm thanks to The Living History Forum that made this work possible, and to Guise, Transpond and the participants in the focus groups.

Last but not least: thanks to Catrin Lundqvist who is the project manager for the Power Tool on which this application is based. And to Iris Smeds, Jonas Mosskin and others who have contributed to the project.

A special thanks to Tomas Böhm, Liria Ortiz and Fred Saboonchi for their outstanding and inspiring work with other vorks that are included in the exhibition (it should be noted that they have not participated in this work).



This website uses session cookies for login and visitor stats. It's optimized for Firefox and Opera or higher but tested for other browsers as well. Graphs and charts were made with OpenFlashChart (some charts may not function properly with Safari/Chrome). Design and code by Jon Brunberg more info:



Jon Brunberg
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11768 Stockholm

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