Terms of Use (ToU)

Updated September 11, 2011

Special terms and exceptions exists regarding the use of the information on this website and all of its pages. Each visitor is expected to take part of these exceptions and terms.

1. Agreement

By opening and browsing the pages on this website, tolerera.se ("the website") or by using content from the website, I am accepting below stated Terms of Use ("ToU"). Please also note that our privacy policy is included in the Terms of Use by reference.

Jon Brunberg ("the owner") retains the right to change the Terms of Use for this website at any time and without any obligation to inform about the changes. You are automatically agreeing to these changes when you use this website and should regurlarly read the Terms of Use.

2. Our service

The website is a non-commercial website that is maintained by Jon Brunberg with the aim to offer a tool for measuring tolerance. This service is free of charge.

3. Privacy Policy

The use of personal information that may be collected or stored during your visit is regulated in our Privacy Policy, which is included in the Terms of Use by reference.

4. User contributions

The owner has no responsibility to control the information that users may submit to the website. Users are solely responsible for their contibutions and to control that their submissions to the website do not mean an intrusion of the immaterial poperty rights of a third party or any other law. Such information is treated as non-confidential and common property.

5. User's responsibilities

By posting information you are giving the owner unlimited and irrevocable rights to use, show, edit or transfer such information. The owner stipulate the right to use such information the way he or se finds appropriate.

6. Services of third party

Links to the websites of third parties are provided for practical reasons only and does not mean that the owner recommends or agrees to the content of those websites, since they are beyond the control of the owner. The owner can therefore not be held responsible for the content of the linked sites, or for the links that exist at those sites.

7. Warranty

The services and the software are provided "AS IS" and without any form of warranty, within the bondaries of current laws. Even though the owner tries to provide reliable information on the website, the owner do not guarantee that this website is free from mistakes, defects, missing information, viruses, worms, trojans or similar, nor that the content is up to date or relevant for your needs. The owner stipulate the right to change information at any time without further notice. The owner do not give a warranty for any result that may be caused by using the software that is provided on this website. The user is responsible for all his/hers usage of material and the software on this website.

8. Responsibility

The owner has no responsibility for indirect or temporary damage, inclusive, but not limited to, the loss of income, profit or saving, production stops or loss of data, because of, or as a result of, the use of the website, incabability to use material, or because the user trusted the material on this website or linked websites.

Under any circumstance the owners responsibility for direct damages, because of, or in connection with use of the website, or because the user trusted the material on this website, is limited to a maximum of EUR 1000.

9. Immaterial property rights

This website is protected by immaterial property rights and is the owners exclusive property. All material on this website, including, but not limited to, text, data, graphics, images, sound, video, logotypes, icons and software programming code, is protected by law concerning immaterial property rights and remains the owner's or third party's property.

You may use this material for personal and non-commercial use in accordance with current immaterial property laws. All other use or editing of the content on the website is prohibited without first get a written permission from the owner.

10. Crimes against property rights or other law.

If you believe that you have the property rights to material that have been used on the website, in such a way that it is an intrusion on your property rights or immaterial rights, you may contact the owner at the following address: jon@brunberg.se.

11. Current law

Disputes or demands concerning the reading or application of these Terms of Use shall be resolved by a public court and in accordance with Swedish law.

12. Other information

If some of the regulations in these Terms of Use by a court are judged to be unlawful, not valid or not applicable, the remaining regulations shall be fully valid and in effect.





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